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San Josť State University Continuing Education

Client statement about Galatia:

Galatia worked closely with us to define our business needs, then created a system that exceeded our specifications with an on-budget delivery.
— Judy Rickard, Director of Marketing, San Josť State University Continuing Education

Client description: Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Josť State University Continuing Education provides a variety of university-level professional education programs meeting the needs of hyper-paced professionals.

Project description: San Josť State University Continuing Education (UCE) enjoys an expanding student enrollment and meets the needs of local and distance learners wishing to augment their collegiate education, expand their professional training, prepare for professional licensing, or learn about emerging technologies such as e-commerce.

Their previous web site had grown in functionality and complexity through the years; while it functioned at the very heart of UCE's operations, it had become unstable and difficult to use.

After in-depth analysis, it was determined to recreate an entirely new web site application in a standards-based, object-oriented environment. Java™ was chosen as the programming language, Oracle™ as the database, and Solaris™ as the system platform.

The high-level organization of the application is shown below:

The application is designed to be a single repository for all course and program information for past, current and future semesters. A powerful set of administrative tools provides add, delete and editing functions on course material in a WYSIWYG format supporting both web-based and printed catalogs. Courses may be assigned to multiple programs and moved as changes dictate. Students and prospective students gain access to the public, non-password protected, catalog using industry standard browsers. Administrative functions (such as adding or deleting courses or instructors) require password access.


  • Standards-based WWW-enabled environment forms a robust foundation and will support implementation of software applications from other vendors.
  • Solaris, Java, and Oracle allow UCE to utilize the large pool of trained developers.
  • Single repository design supports "enter once, use many times" approach, thus improving administrative efficiency and information accuracy.

See the proof at the client's site:


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