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Stanford University

Client statement about Galatia:

Their sheer competence distinguishes them from all other vendors I have worked with. They can handle highly complex technical issues as well as breadth issues; that means applications that are both deep and wide. Their array of experts provides multiple solutions from one source.
— Scott Leonard, Finance Manager, Stanford University

Client description: One of the premier educational and research institutions in the world, Stanford University extends the leading edge of web-based applications.

Project description: It is a technical challenge to create a tool versatile and robust enough to be used and reused to process different sets of information. Galatia developed a web-based survey of student satisfaction for Stanford University campus housing and dining services. University administrators used this tool to efficiently measure student satisfaction in the areas of housing and dining services.

Reporting capabilities of this tool provided objective input about specific questions and allowed them to:

  • Process multiple surveys regularly
  • Change questions quickly
  • Generate customized, real-time reports

These capabilities helped administrators to better understand the needs of the students.

Features for administrators: The system supported robust administrative functions, including:

  • Adding, deleting, and modifying survey information
  • Updating survey questions automatically generated new survey
  • Automatic mailing list creation based on user-provided information
  • Integration of web-gathered information into off-line databases
  • Tracking visitors coming to web site to better understand their needs
  • Providing custom-developed reports about users' interests
  • Retaining survey information for future visits

Features for students: The system provided Stanford's resident students with a convenient virtual venue allowing them to:

  • Provide clear and detailed on-line input about programs that affect them directly
  • Review survey results as they become available
  • Join an Internet community to become informed about changes in housing and dining services

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