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I am very pleased with Galatia's work. They are very precise and detail-oriented. They are not reluctant to take on large projects. If we can think it up, they can do it.
— Dawnie Andrak, Capitol Webworks

Client description: supplies dynamically created state and federal legislative data, updated daily, to users via the web.

Project description: Legislative information for state bills in process has long been available for many states via the Internet. However, locating the information is generally difficult:

  • Different protocols are used by different states; some have FTP sites, some have web sites
  • here are no standards for site names, some states have multiple sites
  • Available data can vary greatly
  • All states have unique terminology and methodologies for organizing data, calendaring, etc.

The system automatically downloads publicly available information each night from each state's legislative Internet site, parses it for interesting information and loads the results into a relational database. Users can then access the data presented in a consistent format using a web browser.

Features for service administrators: An administrative interface provides the following capabilities to service administrators:

  • Add, delete and modify accounts, including the state(s) accessible, contact information, service type, type of account, and status
  • Account-specific notes can also be included
  • Add, delete and modify users for each account
  • Edit information displayed on various pages within the web site
  • Edit information on committee hearings

Features for end-users: End-users have a large array of functions available:

  • Search for bills via many different attributes (full text search, by author, by bill type, by house, by keyword, etc.)
  • Organize and create tracking lists of related bills
  • View scheduling information (when hearings are scheduled for bills)
  • Create personalized reports
  • Modify personal information

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